Frequently Asked Questions

In this section I will provide answers to what is called frequently asked questions (FAQ). Until I have a sufficient amount of questions which have actually been asked frequently enough, I will provide and answer a few fictional questions wich, I presume, are of interest to most of the readers.

Q: How many books will there be?

Short answer: I have no idea. Originally I had planed six volumes at fourteen chapters each. The publisher asked me to split the volumes, since then they have only seven chapters, which turned out to be a blessing for me. The shorter the books, the easier they are managable when writing. But I digress ...

Anyway, I have not come very far in the story yet. In other words, there is still a lot to do for Nikko. But only time can tell how many volumes there will be in the end. One promise though, I will not abandon the series before it is finished!

Q: When will the next set of books be translated and which volumes will it be?

Short answer: I have again no idea. This is entirely up to the publisher and moreover subject to the availability of the translator. However, I imagine that good sales figures would expedite things, though that is a wild guess.

Q: Are the books also availabe as printed books?

At this moment, no. However, good sales figures might convince the publisher to explore this option.

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Here is the latest status of the books:


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Books IV - XXIII