Welcome to the official website for the fantasy book series
"The Warlock of Hymal"!

Here you will find all kinds of information about my fantasy series "The Warlock of Hymal" and, if you care to know, some facts about me, the author, an other people involved in this project.

I will provide a variety of background information about the characters occurring the the books, as well as about places and factions. Please note, however, that this is an ongoing project, so it may take some time before everything is complete. If time permits I will also try to come up with some pictures giving you an idea of how the main characters and places may look like, as well as some maps helping you to keep track of the various locations occurring in the books.

Please note that I am crazy enough to build these webpages myself, even though I am just starting to learn html, css and all that devils work. Well, I hope my incompetence in this field does not show through too badly. I am not using any cookies for these pages, not just because I have no idea of how to create them in the first place, but also because I really hate those nosy little buggers. Should your brower encounter them none the less, then they must be from a thrid party - feel free to block them! I will, however, use some JavaScript for fancy effects. These are bxSlider for sliding effects, and of course Lightbox.

Now I wish you a pleasant stay on these pages - N. Bernhardt

Have you ever wondered how all those evil mages which populate the fantasy genre in such abundance became what they are?

Here is one example of how it could have happened:
Nikko and his creeping progression from a simple village boy to the infamous Warlock of Hymal.

Follow him on this adventurous, sometimes agonising, often fortuitous, but always thrilling journey. Starting at a remote mountain village it takes him to places he would never have dreamed of ever seeing. Along his way he meets people of great import which ... well, read for yourself!