Welcome to the Info Section!

Here you will find some information about the book series. While I will also give some background information, this section is mainly meant as a glossary of most of the names, be it characters, places or factions, which occur in the books. In view of this, please do not expect to find information here which would go too far beyond what you already know from the books, provided you read all of them. Think of it more as a place to turn when you have forgotten who or what hides behind a name you just read.

This section is split into separate pages for People, Places and Factions. Moreover, a section for Maps and FAQ can be found here, though there are not many maps in existence and I really do not know how to make prettier ones.

Some Background Information

I had been carrying around the idea to the books for many years before I finally started typing it down in early 2011. By the end of the same year I had the first fourteen chapters ready, which I back then considered the first book. The publisher accepted the book for publication in early 2012 but asked to split the book. Volume 1, which comprises the first seven chapters, was then finally published in October 2012. Since then the next volumes have been published every two to three months.

The books are originally written in German language and have been successful enough that the publisher decides to have at least the first three volumes translated into English language in late 2013. However, it took him a while to find a suitable translator. So the first three volumes are now expected to be released in English language in July 2014.

The main idea behind the books is to tell the story of the making of a supposedly evil mage. Indeed, I often wondered where all those infamous sorcerers actually come from and what made them the way they are. In this book series I try to give an example of the progression of a rather unlikely candidate from being an initially normal person to beome a dreaded witcher. I hope my readers enjoy accompanying him on his long journey of corruption. - N. Bernhardt

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