In this section I provide information about the various people occurring in the books, well of those who have at least some importance.

Please note that the books follow only the protagonist whose knowledge of the world he is living in is rather limited, in particular at the beginning. Since I do not want to spoil this veil of ignorance, I will only rarely give information which would go far beyond what the protagonist could know. In fact, this section should rather be thought of as a glossary of characters occurring in the books. It is mainly meant to help you look up names, in particular when you read later books and may have forgotten details from the earlier ones. The information here may, however, include spoilers if you have not read all books. Please read at your own risk.

Please also note that there might be slight inconsistencies between what you read here and in the books. The reason is that the books are translated into English by a professional, not by myself. However, in all likelihood I will add information here which concerns a book before its translation is finished. That is, the translation in the books may eventually differ from how I wrote here. If I spot such inconsistencies I will remedy them, but I may overlook some.

The references in the footers indicate where in the books the character occurs. Only actual occurrences are counted, not mere mentions.

Main Character

Here the sole protagonist, Nikko, of the book series is described.


At the beginning of the story Nikko is nothing but a simple herder boy from the remote mountain village of Vyldoro, probably fifteen years of age, though not yet looking it. Generally the boy does not fit in with the life around him. Too small for his age, scrawny and often sickly he is certainly not made for the though life in the mountains. On top of that he hates his life in the village, the work at the farm and his huge family.

Born one of the middle children he has countless siblings of which Gimu is the eldest and certainly the meanest. The family farm is still headed by the aged grandfather Vikko, who seems to think as little of Nikko than the rest of the family. With the father deceased a few years ago Gimu of all people is the heir to the farm, which indicates a rather unlikable future.

One of the few things that make life remotely bearable for Nikko is an elderly man called Thordos, whom the boy is to help out regularily by decree of grandfather Vikko. While this appears to be a random assignment at first it will make some sense, later when Nikko learns the truth about the strange hermit. Though the grumpy codger is much as unlikable as Nikko's family the boy still enjoys spending time with him. The old man is just so very different from all the dull peasants in the village. Indeed, Thorodos tought Nikko how to read and to write which makes the boy one of only two literates in Vyldoro.

When Thorodos receives an encrypted letter which appers to make him want to leave Vyldoro in a haste, he asks the boy to accompany him. To Nikko's great surprise and relief Vikko does not object, so they depart the next moring. Little does the boy know what advanturous mission he embarks on and how much it will change his life forever.

During his travels Nikko learns from Danuwil, a lower nobleman he is assisting, that he has the very rare gift of sorcery. Naturally the boy has to find a suitable teacher to show him how to unleash his powers. Yet there are reasons for being extremely cautious whom to tell what. Another important person Nikko encounters on this journey is Fydal, the later-born son of the Landgrave of Hocatin, who will introduce Nikko to social circles he would not have dreamed of being admitted to as a simple village boy.

While things look bright for a while they later turn for the worse. The once herder boy with a talent for sorcery has to make his way in a complicated world of politics and treachery. In doing so he becomes something he never intended to be - an infamous sorcerer, who will be known and feard as the Witcher of Hymal.

Major Characters

Here characters are listed and described, which occur frequently and have a major impact on the story or on the protagonist. These characters will be discussed in order of their appearance in the books. This should help you to avoid spoilers, if you can refrain from scrolling down too far.


Danuwil of Bregánt is a later-born son of the former Knight of Bregánt, and brother of the current one. This makes him part of the lowest nobility, yet he is a nobleman and makes no effort to hide this fact. However, with all family titles and lands inherited by this elder brother, Danuwil has little choice but to make a living of his own, just like all the other later-born sons. If he did not get a position at one of the courts, or simply did not want one remains unclear, but Danuwil does the occasional work for the Guild of Merchants, a probalby lucrative endavour for one whose nobility admits him to the places of power and import, and who is allowed to carry a sword.

Danuwil is proud of his birth and nobility but does not seem to like the fact that he has no title of his own, which he appears to compensate with occational fits of pompousness. So he has a penchant for fine foods and beverages, where for the latter he does not always know his limits. Danuwil does not detest women either. He boasts even two wives, one in his family's fief of Bregánt and another one in the Realm's capital Zundaj, yet he does not appear to give a wide berth to brothels and places of similar ill repute either.

Nikko meets Danuwil in Hocatin, where he is assigned to assist the nobleman with his mission. While Nikko finds Danuwil initially ridiculous and menacing at the same time, he soon turns out to be quite experienced and willing to share his knowledge. It is also Danuwil how first tells the boy that he has a talent for sorcery.

Danuwil's dream of having a title of his own will come true when the king makes him a proper knight, some time after he reaches Zundaj together with Nikko and Fydal. Moreover, after his appointal to duke Fydal grants him the fiefdom of Telgâr in Hymal. Yet later, after the military campaign in Hymal is won, Fydal appoints Danuwil even Count of Telgâr.

I: 5-7; II: 1, 4-7; III: 1-6; IV: ?


Fydal is the later-born son of the Landgrave Firót of Hocatin and the younger brother of Frinto, the heir to the throne. At the beginning of the story Fydal is seventeen years of age and already a major in the landgrave's army. As a later-born son of high nobility he has no claim on a title or any land of his own, yet is entitled to a position of great honour and dignity, be it in administration or in military. He chose a life in the military and was groomed for command since his early childhood which may explain his rapid promotion.

In his duty for the army Fydal is sent to accompany a merchant expedition into the former Duchy of Hymal, a now ravages and orc infested province. It is there, where Nikko and Danuwil find and rescue him. Back in Hocatin they learn that the Duke of Khondharr is marching against the landgraviate.

When the Landgrave Firót dies of old age and the heir to the throne is missing, presumed dead, and later confiremd dead during Rhobany's assault on the principality, Fydal claims the throne of Hocatin for himself. While it seems to be mainly his sense of duty that drives him to go this way it cannot be ruled out that he rejoices in secret. After all, this is more than could have hoped for.

However, his claim on the throne of Hocatin is weak and soon disputed even by supposed allies. To legitimise himself as the Landgrave of Hocatin he embarks on a journey to the capital Zundaj together with Nikko and Danuwil. Unfortunately the king does not prove to be very responsive to this plea. Instead he appoints Fydal duke of Hymal and burdens him with taking the ravaged province back from the orcs.

II: 2-7; III: 1-6; IV: ?


Grandmaster Peryndor is an old mage of the Arcane Order and a member of the Arcane Council, the Order's leading board, as well as the Archmage of the city Zundaj, whatever this position really means. However, it seems that with his old-fahioned views he is rather isolated within the Order. Indeed, he could be part of an opposition inside the Order, if there is one at all.

Peryndor is also an old acquaintence, probably even a close friend, of Thorodos. After all it was he who send the encryted letter to the old hermit that made him leave Vyldoro in great haste. While the letter was burned it seems to be reasonable to assume that it contained a warning of some sort. Peryndor boasts he and Thorodos were present when the Order was found some six hundred years ago. In fact, he claims to be nearly eight hundred years of age.

The vain grandmaster is full of pride which makes it sometimes easy to manipulate him, particularly when appealing to his self-perceived superiority. Unlike inside the Order where he does not seem to have any support Peryndor is well respected in the city of Zundaj and even at the Royal Court. As Archmage the old sorcerer appears to have a handsome income which allows him to maintain a posh residence in the undoubtedly most exclusive quarter of the city.

Nikko meets Peryndor in Zundaj shortly after he presents himself to the Arcane Order. The grandmaster initially refuses to accept Nikko as his apprentice but changes his mind when the boy tells him of Thorodos' end. Under Peryndor's tutelage Nikko becomes an adept of the Order. However, shortly after his promotion he and Peryndor have to escape.

III: 7; IV: ?; V: ?


Master Hafuch, the Count of Skingár, or "the Necromancer", as he is called by most mages, is the Realm's only known apostate sorcerer that has been unchallenged by the Arcane Order for centuries. Indeed, apparently there is even a treaty in place with him giving him free reigns in his valley of Skingár but also confining him thereto. Rumour has it that the Necromancer wields the power of raising the dead and possibly worse. The Order, fearing a new magical war of davastating dimensions, in this one known case conceded to negotiatons rather than trying to subdue an apostate.

While Master Hafuch is not the only sorcerer who has unnaturally prolonged his life over centuries, he does so in a perhaps unique way by continuing his existence as what appears to be an undead creature. However, the Necromancer's sorcery is extremely intricate and hard to unravel, even for senior mages like Grandmaster Peryndor. Much of what one sees in Skingár are illusions or some sort of temporal displacements. In view of this it is impossilbe to say what the Necromancer really is.

Nikko meets the Necromancer during his escape with Peryndor from the Order during which they seek asylum in Skingár, hoping that the Order does not dare to persue them there. During his stay in the castle Nikko and the Necromancer get closer and eventually the adept receives some very interesting lessons introducing him to the darker schools of magic, such as creating undead and summoning demons. However, the obscure Necromancer's true intentions remain unclear and could possibly be dangerous for the young adept.

V: ?

Minor Characters

Here characters are listed and described, which occur occasionally and have some impact on the story, or are important to Nikko. Because of their number, these characters will be discussed in an alphabetical order. This should make it easier for you to look up a particular name.


Arlenn is the Grand Duke of Thordám and resides in the Grand Duchy's capital Terys. The Grand Duke is an eldery man of awe inspiring demeanor. A long life of reigning his lands and leading his soldiers have granted him an aura of command that even some sorcerers may find hard to resist.
VI: 1, 2


Faza is the name of a higher demon Nikko encounters several times. The first time the Necromancer summons Faza to introduce Nikko to this dark school. At this occasion the demon reveals some information incriminating Duke Rhobany. Later Nikko summons the creature by himself to find out the truth about the Necromancer.
V: ?; ?


Finulf is the village elder of the town of Skingár, though he is not that old at all. Perhaps the term mayor would be more suitable for his position, but who dares to question the Count of Skingár? Along with Nikko the elder records in writing Fydal's election as the new Landgrave of Hocatin
V: 7; VIII: ?


Fodaj is a travelling merchant who visits Vyldoro several times every year with his two sons, at least at the beginning of the story. During Rhobany's assault on Hocatin the portly old man ends up in Ironhold, too, and then retires to Skingár. Wherever Fodaj is, he always gets involved with the things around him, if volunteringly or not remains unclear.
I: 1, 4; II: 6, 7; V: ?


Master Gilhatán is one of the highest ranking mages of the Arcane Order and appears to be something like its head, though it remains unclear what powers reside in this position. He is also a member of the Arcane Council, the Orders's leading board. Master Gilhatán turns out to be the mentor of Master Xanthúal, a mage Nikko detests for apparent reasons, and personal enemy of Master Sahil, another high ranking Order mage.
IV: ?


Gimu is Nikko's eldest brother, a brawny loud-mouth and mean bully, too. It is no wonder that Nikko cannot stand him. Fortunately with the knowledge of his talents as a sorcerer and his gained social standing Nikko need not fear Gimu any longer, much in contrast to his poor siblings who suffer under his regime as head of the family farm.
I: 1, 4; II: 3; VI: ?


Master Khondyr is the pseudonym Duke Rhobany of Khondharr uses inside the Arcane Order. It seems this fact was revealed only after some investigations which were triggered when Nikko informed Master Xanthúal of what the demon Faza had told him about the true intentions of Duke Rhobany. However, since Master Khondyr and Master Xanthúal are known rivals if not enemies, these allegations harmed the Order itself rather than Master Khondyr.
IX: ?; X: ?


Rikko is one of Nikko's elder brothers, roughly the age of Fydal, and usually very close with Tamo, one of Nikko's younger brothers. Rikko is perhaps a bit too conformable but yet a nice chap. It is a great surprise that he decides to join Nikko's band of refugees on their way to Halfuár, to start a new life. In his new home he will hold the position of village elder.
I: 6; VI: ?


Duke Rhobany is the regent of the Duchy of Khondharr and resides in its capital Khond. He is rumoured to be a bellicose character and soon enough fits this picture by invading Hocatin whose throne he claims. As if this was not bad enough, the demon Faza reveals to Nikko and the Necromancer information which implies that Rhobany is a sorcerer himself. In fact it turns out that Rhobany is a member of the Arcane Order, where he is known as Master Khondyr.
IX: ?; X: ?


Master Sahil is one of the highest ranking mages of the Arcane Order and seems to head its Main Chapter in Zundaj. He is also a member of the Arcane Council, the Order's leading board. Sahil is the mentor of Master Khondyr and a personal enemy of Master Gilhatán.
III: 6; ?

The Seneshall

The Seneschall is Landgrave Firór's left and right hand. He practically runs the landgraviate's affairs for the aged regent. When Firót dies and and the heir Frinto is missing he becomes Stewart of the landgraviate until Fydal's claim on the throne be recognised by the crown. The king decides differently and appoints as Fydal Duke of Hymal, who continues to make use of the Seneshall's services. The old man is quite experienced at what he does, though little seems to be known of him other than he stems from house Thordám, that is, Grand Duke Arlenn's family.
I: 5; II: 5-7; IV: ?


Master Sinúl is a lower ranking mage of the Arcane Order and head of the chapter in Terys, as well as court mage of Grand Duke Arlenn of Thordám. He is the first mage Nikko presents himself to, Thorodos not counted. However, the elderly man seems to be a bit suspicious of the boy and promptly sends him on to Zundaj. Nikko will see him again, together with Peryndor when they seek asylum during their escape from the Arcane Order. Unfortunately Master Xanthúal finds them in Terys and, while Nikko and Perynodr prevail, Master Sinúl perishes in the assault.
III: 2; V: 1, 2, ?


Tamo is one of Nikko's younger brothers and a rather nosy character, yet likable. He is usually close with Rikko, one of Nikko's older brothers. Tamo will leave Vyldoro togehter with Rikko, when Nikko offers them a new life in this fief Halfuár. Danuwil appears to like the boy and accepts him as his squire, taking him to his own fief Telgâr.
I: 6; VI: ?


Thordos is a grumpy and mysterious hermit living in Nikko's home village Vyldoro. The old codger turns out to be an apostate mage and the spontaneous journey he asked the boy to accompany him on emerges as a hasty escape from the Arcane Order. While the old man is slain by a sinister mage who Nikko later identifies as Master Xanthúal, this journey marks the starting point of Nikko's long road to becoming a sorcerer himself. Peryndor, Nikko's later teacher and apparently former companion of Thorodos, claims that the enigmatic old man was once a great sorcerer and close to a thousand years old when he perished.
I: 1, 2


Master Xanthúal is a lower ranking mage of the Arcane Order and initially in charge of tracking and hunting down apostates. In this function he had Thorodos assassinated, which is why Nikko fears him and considers him something like his nemesis. If Xanthúal is as ruthless and reckless as Nikko thinks remains to be seen. Later on, as the story evolves, Xanthúal will be involunteringly appointed court mage of Terys and thereby succeed Master Sinúl who he slew. As members of the same faction within the Order Nikko will be forced to collaborate with Xanthúal of all people.
I: 2; III: 7; IV: 7; V: ?


Yolaja is the youngest daughter of Grand Duke Arlenn of Thordám and the bride of Duke Fydal of Hymal. She is roughly his age and of a quite attractive appearance. While her marriage to Fydal was part of the deal to secure her father's military and financial support for Fydal's campaign in Hymal, he does not seem to be very interested in her for a yet to be unveiled reason. In his drunkenness at the wedding Nikko lets her lure him into consummating Fydal's marriage.
? IX: 7; XI:1

Miscelleneous Characters

Here characters are listed and described, which occur rarely or even only once and have a very low to negligible impact on the story - at least from what the protagonist knows. Because of their number, these characters will be discussed in an alphabetical order, too. This should make it easier for you to look up a particular name.


Landgrave Firót of Hocatin is the aged regent of the province to which also Nikko's home village Vyldoro belongs. Firót is the father of Fydal and his older brother Frinto. When Duke Rhobany attacks the small principality Firót dies part of old age part of resignation.


Frâja is one of Danuwil's two wives and resides in their small mansion in the Realm's capital Zundaj. The other of his wives can be found at the family's fief of Bregánt. If the ever so friendly and cheerful lady knows of Danuwil's second wife remains a mystery.
III: 5, 6 ?


Frinto is Fydal's elder brother and first-born son of the Landgrave Firót of Hocatin. As such he is heir to the throne. However, when Firót passes away Frinto is missing. So the Seneshall jumps in as Stewart. Later, when Frinto's death is confirmed Fydal claims the throne of Hocatin.


Master Kalih is the youngest and therefore lowest ranking member of the Arcane Order before Nikko joins. It seems his duties in the Order are of a rather dreary nature, staffing the Main Chapter's reception and running errants. Master Kalih turns out to be a supporter of Master Gilhatán.
III: 7; IV: ?


Master Makûl is one of the highest ranking mages of the Arcane Order and the Royal Court Mage. As such he is rumoured to have a massive influence on the king's decisions. He is also a member of the Arcane Council, the Order's leading board. Master Makûl's loyalty is known to be fickle, so he changes allegiance from time to time but appears to be powerful and clever enough to do so without any harm to himself.
IV: ?


Master Quaxtár is a higher ranking mage of the Arcane Order and in charge of the education of the Order's novices. He seems to be a supporter of Master Sahil.
III: 7; IV: ?

The Count of Samarq

The Count of Samarq is Hocatin's embassador to the Realm's capital Zundaj. Once a year he travels all the way to Hocatin City to report to the landgrave and to collect the yearly budget. However, having left Hocatin City shortly before Rhobany's assault the Count has never been seen again. It remains unclear if he perished or simply defected.
II: 5


Simoj is a red haired little loud-mouth from Vyldoro's west farm. Nikko does not like the annoying little brat that always seems to poke his nose into things that should not concern him. Of course it was Simoj who spotted Nikko and Thorodos taking the path up the Vyldam Pass instead of going to Skingár as Thorodos had deliberately announced. Worse, the littel brat told their pursuers.
I: 1


Vikko is the grandfather of Nikko and head of the family farm. It was by his decree that Nikko helped Thorodos on a regular basis. What at first seemed to be a random assignment turns out to be probably planned by the apostate mage Thorodos who must have felt that Nikko has the rare talent for sorcery. Some of Vikko's comment imply that he might have known, but sadly he passes away shortly after Thorodos is slain by Xanthúal's thugs.
I: 1


Wylom is an employee in the embassy of Hocatin in the capital Zundaj. He seems to be a porter or clerk of some sort but appears to be the only one working there, except for the embassador Count of Samarq of course, who is however missing. Wylom himself will also be missing, at least when Fydal eventually make his way up there. If this is related to Nikko's feeling of being observed when he leaves the embassy remains a mystery.
III: 6?
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